So equip yourself in time And shun all sin Living in righteousness That is true watchfulness Whereby one can attain to eternal blessedness. ~16th Century Anabaptist Hymn1~ We’ve reached the end of our little series about doing everything through love. The first post was a simple reminder that all things find their worth through love. … Continue reading Watchfulness


Becoming Loving People

In the last post, we looked over 1 Corinthians 13:1-3 and Paul's declaration that nothing has meaning apart from love. Now we are going to discuss a bit on what exactly the New Testament authors meant when they spoke of love and what exactly it would mean to do something with love. We hear the … Continue reading Becoming Loving People

Entering the Kingdom, Step by Step

Jesus came proclaiming that the Kingdom of God was here. He knew it was, because he himself was living in it. While the rules of the earthly kingdoms are selfishness (however cleverly disguised), Jesus lived by the rules of gentleness, kindness, self-control, faithfulness, hope, meekness and peacefulness. When we look at Jesus, we get a … Continue reading Entering the Kingdom, Step by Step